Thursday, April 03, 2008

3 days and counting

The countdown has begun!

We leave on our trip after services on Sunday, and that time is RAPIDLY approaching. I'm caught up with the laundry as of today, I cleaned out the fridge, created a confirmation lecture for the teacher for this week, RevDad checked the weather report (turns out we're going to have to buy some rain gear on our way down to St. Louis!) and my bulletins are ready.

What's left - letter of recommendation for a former parishioner applying to Luther Seminary. Call Council President to give input on council meeting I'm missing. Invitation letters to pastors for this summer's centennial. Sermon for Sunday. Confirmation lecture for day after we get back. Packing. I'm sure other things will occur to me if I think about it longer.

It will be so good to head out on the road, and be free spirits for a little while! I think the daily stuff gets so consuming sometimes, it's good to step back, get away, and see what else life can be. So bring on St. Louis!

And that means, back to the to-do list...

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