Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Rock and Refuge

Today I preach at the nursing home. I've been considering the texts for this coming Sunday. All the lessons except the Gospel make use of the imagery of rocks. The second lesson from 1 Peter talks about how Jesus is the cornerstone and foundation to those who believe. The Psalm talks about God as our rock and refuge. The first lesson recounts how Stephen becomes the first martyr through stoning, asking God to forgive his killers even as he dies.

Stones are solid, strong. They've been used as building materials, but they are also the bane of farmers attempting to plow their fields. They were used by the earliest of hunters as weapons to provide food. But they have also been used as weapons of murder. Some, like my dad and my daughter, find them fascinating and worth collecting. Others don't even notice their existence.

I thinks we "use" God and Christ in similar ways. God is our life, our hope, our light, but through time, we have used the idea of God to hurt and harm. To exclude and rationalize. We can do such good in the name of Christ, and such terrible harm has been done in the name of Christ, as well.

I'm not sure where these thoughts are going, and what will preach today (especially considering this is for nursing home residents!) but these images have caught me today.

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