Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Time

Summer is here! School is out, the days are (mostly) warm, and almost all of my flowers are planted. There are a few perennials I want to try out, and some annuals to put in pots on the front steps, but the majority is done.

SweetBaby is finally baptized. It was so nice, our good friend did the baptizing, her godparents came from far away to be there, and two dozen members from my congregations attended the late afternoon service. After-wards we had cake and coffee, and lots of nice conversation. It was a sweet, meaningful time. Lil' Princess loved getting the chance to play with her cousins.

Now its time to figure out how this summer schedule and life is going to work. I think we all feel a little out of sorts, and out of kilter. SweetBaby's napping and sleeping schedule is all out of whack. Lil' P is alternating between excited and whiney. And RevDad and I are just really tired.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Screen to Enjoy

I got my birthday/Mother's day present yesterday...a new laptop computer. It's so purty!! Shiny, clean, fast, gleaming with possibilities. I just can't keep my happy little fingers off of it. It might even encourage me to write a manuscript sermon this week - one never knows!

It's a very full week at our household. We had a long day going to far-away Big City yesterday, followed by a concert at school last night. Today is a doctor's appt., text study, and a dance lesson for Lil' Princess and a pre-marital counseling appt. for me tonight. Tomorrow is crazy busy too with confirmation and meetings. Thursday I might get to breath a bit.

I'm actually looking forward to thinking out the lessons for this Sunday's sermon. The first lesson, from Acts, is so full of good stuff, and there are so many good directions to go in. Plus its Senior Recognition, so that is a fun and uplifting time too.

A very full week ahead, and a fun new tool to use to get it all done. All in all, I guess I can't complain.