Friday, April 18, 2008


It's going to be a _long_ weekend.

RevDad is completely exhausted, and has a busy schedule - funeral, first ever premarital counseling session, along with writing sermon and Sunday services.

Lil' Princess is sniffing and dribbling snot, and has a nasty barking cough that makes me wince.

I have a ton of cleaning to get done, I need to get to Big Far Away Shopping Town to exchange some clothes for Lil' P, I need to create and get ready her b-day invitations, write a sermon, prep for services, meet with my Sunday school superintendant, do three Sunday services, and assist at our county ministerial's Rogation service. There's other things too, but those are the highlights.

We're looking forward to birthdays around here. Lil' P, of course, wants a pink princess themed birthday party, which means Mommy has to get creative since half of the guests will be little boys who are NOT impressed with princesses. I'm working on some games that emphasize parts of the stories that are not so girly. The other challenge is not knowing what kind of weather we will have. It would be nice to have the party at the city park in the town where most of them live, but spring is so iffy for temp. and rainfall. I'm going to check to see if we could have RevDad's main church as our back-up site in case of bad weather.

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