Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last Full Day of St. Louis Fun

Today we got down to business, the synchopated (sp?) ice skating championship for which my oldest niece and her team have been preparing.

This morning, while my niece went to her practice, the rest of us slept in, and enjoyed it very much! We hung out for the morning, and let the kids play. Lunch out at a restaurant was crazy, the younger kids are getting stir crazy, and skating niece was getting a little nervous. Then we did a little shopping, Lil' Princess loved the Disney store, let me tell you...princess heaven!

The skating center was wild, packed with vehicles and people. It was a bit overwhelming for us out-of-town rural folk. We saw all but one of the teams in our niece's section, and her team did a great job we thought. I know NOTHing about how these things are judged, so the results were a bit confusing. My niece's team tied for 6th (last) place, which was disappointing, because you could tell they were skating their hearts out. I'm so glad we could be there for it, and support her. She's a strong and agile skater, and it's great to see her confidence.

Afterwards we split up, and RevDad, Lil' P and I went to Barnes & Noble (YAY! bookstore!!!!) for awhile, then to supper. Tonight we're attempting to pack...which is quickly becoming overwhelming and discouraging. Between gifts and stuff we've bought, we're not entirely sure how we're getting all this stuff home. What a problem to have, eh? Just what we need - more STUFF.

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