Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All of a Sudden


All of a sudden, it occurred to me today all that I need to get done now that August is just a few days away. Confirmation parent letters need to go out, meeting with confirmation leaders needs to be planned and arranged, fall worship plans need to be made and emailed, fall stewardship plan need to be finalized and brought to the parish board, visitation schedule needs to be finalized, and I'm sure there are some things I'm forgetting. For the family, we have to finalize our vacation plans (hello, only two weeks away!), and get our back-to-school shopping done. Now that Lil' Princess is 7, she has definite opinions about what she wants to wear and have, so it does complicate the shopping process at times. And it can make it more fun too. I remember fondly all the shopping trips with my mom, and I hope to have that with her.

There's so much I wanted to get done this summer. Basically, I had hoped to get through our stuff. Go through the whole house, sort through all the boxes, get rid of stuff, and organize what we keep. Which is a ridiculously huge goal, but a good one! I got through about a third of the basement, which I am proud of. It was a HUGE mess, and hard work. But now the main living area is a very nice space that is safe for SweetBaby to play in, and a pleasant place for all of us to hang out in. I just have to keep going, and not let it end there! Finish the basement, and move on up the stairs. The part I'm not looking forward to is the storage room where all the unopened boxes are stuffed, and all the Christmas decorations are lodged. It is the black hole of miscellaneous odds and ends. BUT how amazing it will be when it is done!!! A whole room available for use!!! Maybe I could even set it up as a sewing and hobby room. That would be soooo cool. Focus on the goal.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The World is Green (and Stinky)

Poop. I'm trying to work on my sermon on the Lord's Prayer, but instead I'm dealing with two sick girls and poopy diapers. Funny how parenthood and exhaustion work on your brain. Instead of musing on the significance of the gift of this prayer that Jesus has given us, a prayer that so many generations have shared, and the amazing claims we make within it, I have been thinking about the amazing forms in which baby poop can come. This is because today's was really nasty, sort of a dark green pudding that went everywhere. Just when I thought I'd had it all, I had to get another wipe out to catch another bit. Oh joy!

Somehow, I don't think diapers and poop will work as a sermon illustration. Most really don't want to hear about poop consistency. Usually grandparents are the only ones interested!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is Like That

Summer is quickly rolling by. In a little over a month school will resume! I've been working on confirmation, and thinking about what needs to be purchased for Lil' Princess before the school bus comes rumbling down the street. Sweet Baby has grown by leaps and bounds, and seems to be just a breath away from taking steps. And I think the schedule this summer has been crazier than any winter schedule! This week is particularly insane, and I'm still not sure how in the world I'm going to make Wednesday and Thursday work. Since it is impossible to be in two places at once....

We're planning on a little escape, a little vacation in August before everything switches gears. We still haven't agreed on what exactly we're going to do, where we're going to go. RevDad and I have different ideas about what is a relaxing and fun vacation. Soooo...we need to get our rears in gear, we're running out of time! So we'll see what compromise brings us.

Urgh. Time to go to bed. I'm sure SweetBaby will get me up at least once, and tomorrow will be an insane day. Here comes the ZZZZZ's!