Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sermon Preparations Continue to Ferment

At text study today, one of my peers read out of a resource that posed a question based on the role of the Paraclete from the Gospel text for this Sunday (see previous post to read text) - Why do we need a Defense Attorney? (Advocate = Defense Attorney, is his argument)

The resource went on to question not only whether or not WE need and are given the Defense Attorney, but whether the Defense Attorney is given to represent GOD to US. This turns the image on its head, from us being the ones pleading before God's throne, to God working through the Spirit to come to our hearts and lives again and again, seeking to be let in past our hardness and closed-ness.

This idea has stuck with me all day.

I met with a couple tonight for premarital counseling. They have dated for seven years, and have gone through some ups and downs. When I told them that marriage is hard work, I mean WORK, they were nodding along. They know this. They've been working at this relationship thing for a while. And they're realizing that getting married moves this up a whole lotta notches. So we talked about needing the support of our family and friends, and needing the support of God in their life together. They are not alone. Sometimes they will need these other voices to plead for them, be the voices of empathy or care or reason, be their advocates for life together.

Paraclete. Advocate. Helper. Guide. Sustainer. Defense Attorney?

More mulling ensues...

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