Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blessed Sounds

Thunder! Wind! Rain!

What gorgeous sounds coming from outside...we've been so dry, that it is almost startling to hear rain against the window. Ranchers and farmers around here will be going to sleep with a smile on their face for at least tonight. We prayed for this at the Rogation service. People prayed with all their hearts, worried about more drought, worried about their families, worried about the future. We still don't know what the summer will bring, but at least for one night, they all can smile. And have some peace as they rest.

I have never equated wind and rain lashing against the window pane with a moment of peace before, but now I do.

Nurturing Mother of us all, thank you for the rains which soak the earth, and for your loving care of creation. Bless and keep farmers and ranchers as they go about their daily tasks in this busy time. Reveal the new life we may have in you through Christ even as you reveal the new life that shows forth in spring. Help us to be good stewards of all you have given us, and people of love and forgiveness. Give us peaceful rest for this night, and wake us to a new day made glorious by your presence. In the name of the Trinity, Amen.

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