Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update to "Thursday in St. Louis" Post

The shopping trip didn't happen, 'cause Sis-in-law left to find the skating rink we're going to on Saturday, and she has Lil' Princess' car seat in her van. So tonight was hang-out night, which was probably good, but I was a bit disappointed. We keep driving by all these stores that I never get to shop in anymore, and I find myself bitten by the shopping bug. Not that we really NEED anything (except shorts for Lil' P for summer).

Sigh. Material things do not bring happiness. I know this. Money cannot buy what a person truly needs. But it can get me some cute new black shoes for work, new summer shirts to replace my ancient ones, and fun little shorts for my girl. Not that I've been thinking about this or anything!!!

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