Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts during the Conference

You can tell when the fall schedule comes. Conferences, school schedule, game schedules, and confirmation class planning. It certainly gears up! This is the last day of our Fall Pastors' Theological Conference, which has been interesting and somewhat helpful. I think the best thing about it is the chance to laugh with other pastors, and get some sleep.

Its been so nice to see young couples and children at the conference. There has been a turn-over in our synod this past year, and the young vs. older ratio is changing among our pastors. Since so many of ours are approaching retirement age, it is nice to see that new faces are arriving.

As always, we have been presented with much good information. The challenge is to ponder and integrate it, instead of it slipping away as we jump back into the rush of our usual schedules. This happens with all continuing ed. It's all so interesting and exciting, but its hard to really think it through and make it happen somehow in ministry when you go straight back into the intensity of every-day schedules. The busy rut makes it hard to be creative and implement new things. Not impossible, it takes intentionality and hard work. The onus is on us. But it is far too easy to let the good stuff slip away as we slog away in the trenches. I'm pondering how to address this for myself.