Friday, February 20, 2009

Taking a Break Friday Five

Songbird at RevGalBlogPals writes:
Where we live, it's February School Vacation Week!
Yes, that's an odd thing, a vacation extending President's Day. But it's part of our lives here. Some people go South or go skiing, but we always stay home and find more humble amusements.
In that spirit, I offer this Taking a Break Friday Five.
Tell us how you would spend:

1. a 15 minute break
With my life being sooo different now (going from working 80 hours a week at a pretty high maintenance church, to 40 hours a week at a very self-sufficient parish), I get these short breaks pretty often. I typically check Facebook, have a cup of tea, or check out part of an episode of "Clean House." That show always make me feel better, I may have a messy house, but its not THAT messy!

2. an afternoon off
I'd love to hang out with my RevFriend down the road!! It's been a few months since we blew off an afternoon and went and had fun. Sometimes we go shopping at the nearest bigger shopping town an hour's drive away, sometimes we travel around the country backroads birdwatching, animal watching, or just to fly wildly down gravel country roads. Sometimes we go out to eat, and spend hours just talking. Awesome fun!

3. an unexpected free day
Ohhh, wouldn't that be lovely! If I didn't have to be back to get Lil' Princess off the bus, I'd go shopping, real shopping , which can only be had by traveling 2 1/2 hours. I only get to do that maybe twice a year, so I start to go through shopping withdrawal. Going to a movie would be great, too.

4. a week's vacation
I would definately go to my parent's place in Arizona! We don't get to see them nearly enough, so it would be awesome to hang out with them, see the sights, go hiking in the desert, go 4wheeling up the nearby river bed, and just BE with my mom and dad! We've only gotten to visit them in the winter in Arizona once, and they've been wintering there for about 5 years now.

5. a sabbatical
Ummm...I'm torn. My good friend is going on a sabbatical to Italy this spring with ther family, to study the Benedictine monastic traditions, and how they can be translated into Protestant faith life (thank you, Lily Foundation!). After our Christmas time trip to DisneyWorld, my hubby has decided he wants to do a sabbatical at Disney World, studying the theology of Disney! I think I'd like to go back to Germany and Switzerland, and finally be able to share that experience with my hubby (and kids). I'm particularly interested in the intersection between religion and psychology, so I'd work up a study in that theme. After all, priests and pastors were the first mental health care workers!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Contact

Today was the first pre-natal exam. It went well, I am very impressed with my doctor. Such a different experience from the last time! My previous doctor didn't take much time, wasn't interested in what I had to say, and left you feeling a bit lost after a visit. My new doctor in our new area is sooo the opposite! She takes her time with you, asks lots of questions, listens carefully, encourages your questions and information. And is gentle in the pelvic exam!!! (a new experience for me!)

The best part of today was listening to the baby's heartbeat for the first time. There's something amazing about that moment. For me, up to that point you know you're pregnant, but it doesn't seem entirely real. After you hear that beating, it is so real, you start to truly fathom that there is this little person growing inside of you. It's a pretty awesome moment!

Now I'm anxious for the ultrasound...I want to see this kid! It will be another 9 weeks or more before that will happen. Time to be patient!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Days

Today was the big day - I made the announcement to the congregations. The news was met with great joy, and almost all the ladies said "Oh, I suspected!"

We had the annual meeting for the largest my congregations, and I was so moved and appreciative by the expressions of support for me and my family at it. They are working very intentionally and compassionately on a new worship schedule that will be more do-able while largely pregnant, and with a newborn. And I was soundly lectured that if I need absolutely ANYTHING I am to let them know, and if I'm too sick on a Sunday morning, I am to stay home and they'll take care of it...even last minute with little warning.

I am so blessed...and so grateful for my people. They are folks who truly know how to do community. We have a good number of people who are going through some really tough times medically, and they are so supported, loved and cared for as they go through their struggles.

So we are beginning to adjust, and get things ready. I will lose my office, it's the best room to be the nursery. I'm glad to give it up to such a good cause, its just that I still need office space. My sis-in-law came up with a good idea...we only use the "formal" dining room when we have visitors, and it is open to the living room and right next to the dining room. She suggests that we transform that into the office, since it will be so accessible for taking care of baby. The only downside is that I can't close a door and have privacy, peace and quiet. But I think it's the best idea.

Most of our baby things are stored at RevDad's family farm, many, many miles away. So we are also trying to figure out how to get there, sort through all the stuff, and get all of it back here. I'd like to do it before I get big bellied, but hubby wants to wait for a few more months. I have such a mommy-nesting need at the moment to get it all sorted and hauled NOW, so I think I might just have to go buy a baby outfit to get my fix!

I have a sneaking suspicion that my entries for a while are going to be nauseatingly baby-related, but hey, that's where my mind is now!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big Announcement

I'm going public this weekend - I'm pregnant!

After 10 years of struggling with infertility, we were blessed with our Lil' Princess. Now after five more years of wondering if it could ever happen again, I find myself pregnant!!!

We are ecstatic, and scared, and tired, and oh so very overwhelmed by this blessing. If all goes well (please, oh please God!!!) the due date is September 12th. It will be a long hot summer, but what a fall!

Your prayers are coveted, and appreciated.

Monday, February 09, 2009

So Much for Romance

Ahh, gotta love those great romances...dying together in the family crypt. I've never been one for syrupy romance, but I do like an occasional romantic comedy. But what movie did my lovely hubby get from Netflix? The latest Batman movie. You know, the dark movie where Heath Ledger did an amazing job playing an intensely insane Joker. Feel the love!

I challenged him tonight about whether he was going to remember Valentine's Day this year (he forgot last year). I'm not asking for him to dance attendance on me at my every whim...I'd just like a little romantic attention! I found the best Valentine gift for him when we were at Disney World, so I'm stoked.

Ah married love.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pain and Dizziness

Uhhggggg. Migraine. Constant dizziness.

Sermon needs to be done...


The bright spot in the day is that Lil' Princess is having a wonderful time working on her Valentines for school. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse valentines I bought are a big hit with her (she still asks often, "When are we going back Disney World?"). And so are the Valentine Toostie Pops...those are a big hit with all of us!

This is Day 2 of head pain and whirling world, and I am so ready to be DONE with it. I'm concerned about being able to drive, and to lead worship tomorrow. Plus, I have an Annual Meeting and Potluck tomorrow afternoon, and a l-o-n-g meeting at 5 pm. So I'm hoping and praying for relief.

Monday, February 02, 2009


It's a quiet night. Hubby is away at meetings, and won't be back till Wednesday. Lil' Princess is tucked in her bed, finally asleep after worrying about the fact that Daddy isn't around to watch over her while she sleeps (the fire prevention program at the school a few months ago freaked her out a bit, and she still worries.) I'm ignoring my mental list of all the things I should be getting done before I go to bed - sorry laundry! - , and instead am lounging on my couch watching HGTV.

As I watch shows about people fixing up their houses, I'm pondering some reorganization that needs to happen around the house. It's exciting to visualize how nice these changes will be, but I'm not excited about all the stuff that has to be sorted through. It's ridiculous how much stuff we've accumulated over the years. What do we do with it? What do we keep, what should go? It's way too easy for me to get overwhelmed before I even start.

Soooo...I'm trying to come up with a do-able battle plan. A little at a time, really think through better organization options, focus on the prize waiting at the end of all the hard work. So, tomorrow I get a start on the first room - our bedroom. So, dust bunnies beware! I'm coming for you!