Sunday, April 06, 2008

Not Quite What We Expected

What an exciting start to our big vacation. The grand plan was to get to Sioux Falls tonight, then head to St. Louis tomorrow. The best laid plans of mice and men...

The road conditions and weather went absolutely AWEFUL as we approached Fargo. I mean white knuckle, multiple cars in the ditches, solid ice, limited visibility, crawling along at 20 mph aweful. For miles and miles. And of course yours truly was driving!

So we are stuck in a hotel room in Fargo for the night, just hoping that the roads clear tomorrow so that we can continue the trip. We're being charged for the hotel room in Sioux Falls, which is a big ouch. But since I made our reservation online, that's what happens.

We're all staying pretty positive about all this despite it all. We're warm, in a nice room, and after a ten hour drive tomorrow, we'll be at our destination. I'm really appreciating the hotel's free wireless network connection right now! And a good nights sleep will be lovely.

Lil' Princess is sound asleep, a little girl in a big bed. RevDad is reading Sunday's paper, trying to wind down. And I'm just grateful to be off the road and free of responsibility for a week.

So vacation, watch out, here we come!

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