Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday in St. Louis

Another full and fun day for the whole family! I'm yawning as I write this, we're all pretty worn out from all the running around.

It was a long and stormy drive into the city, there was a couple of times when we couldn't see the vehicles in front of us because of the heavy rains. The directions we got to our destination were pretty incomplete, which led Sis-in-law the driver and I, the designated navigator, into some giggling fits as we tried to figure out what in the world we were doing and where we should go. But we actually made it just fine.

Today we went to the City Museum, which was fan-tab-ulous!!!! This is an absolute MUST for anyone spending time in St. Louis with kids. It's fun for folks of all ages, but the kids were absolutely thrilled with it. Definitely spendy (whereas the zoo is free), but it was worth it. We spent about six hours there, and we could have spent more time if the younger kids hadn't gotten tired and grumpy. I don't even know how to explain the place. It's a playground, it's a museum, it's a hands-on arts and crafts place, its a circus, its a huge piece of sculpture. It is way cool!

Grandma loved the class on handcrafting rag dolls, which oldest niece did with her. Grandpa loved chatting up the older employees and finding out about all the history of this old downtown building and what materials they had reused and recycled creatively throughout the structure. The little kids loved riding on the indoor train ride - over and over again. We all had a great time going down the slides, especially the three story one (even RevDad got talked into going down that one). It's a four story hands-on work of art that is meant to be played with - is the best way to describe this building and experience.

Tonight after supper we're planning on doing some shopping. Best Buy and Target are on the list, RevDad can't wait! It won't be a long or major shopping time, we're all tuckered out.

It has been a great day. Personally, I've really enjoyed getting bonding time with my Sis-in-law, watching the girls play together, and seeing my little nephew light up when he sees me and reach for his auntie. Thus far, our time together has been positive and has brought us closer as a family, thanks be to God!

It's almost supper time here at the hotel, Nacho bar and veggie tray is on the menu. Sounds good to me, if I can stop yawning long enough to chew!

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