Wednesday, April 09, 2008

St. Louis on a Wednesday

It's been a full and fun day.

There's construction on the main route that we would normally take to all our destinations, so we've been finding creative and roundabout routes to get places. With Sis-in-law driving and RevDad reading the map, it's been pretty hilarious, and a bit of a miracle that we've gotten anywhere!

We spent the majority of today at the St. Louis Zoo, which is a wonderful place for people of all ages. All of us loved it! The children's part of the zoo was a big hit, especially getting to pet the guinea pigs and brush the goats. The favorite animals to view were the Asian elephants (there was a mom, dad and baby!). The train ride around the park was fun, and the little ones loved the carousel. There was plenty to do and see, we were there for about six hours, and didn't get to see it all. This is a must see place for anyone spending time in the St. Louis area.

When we got back to the hotel, we had a quick supper, then the kids played with grandma while the rest of us ran out to get the makings of a birthday party. When we got back we threw a party for the two 4 year olds. (Lil' Princess and one of her cousins turn five within two days of each other soon, so we had a family party for them.) It was a hoot! Balloons, presents, cookies, and overexcited kids. The girls got some nice and some...interesting presents. Lil' P got a princess doll that is almost as tall as she is, and talks when you press her stomach. She says things like how happy her prince makes her. (Urgle! That's just my inner feminist throwing up in my mouth a little). They had a good time, and the grandparents spoiled them sufficiently.

Now everyone is tucked into their beds. We're supposed to get terrible storms tomorrow, heavy rains, possible tornado, flash floods warnings, the whole shebang. Who-hoo! Our original plans were for some outdoor activities, so we're doing some revamping. Apparantly there is a children's museum around here somewhere, so we might do that instead.

Lil' P is asleep under her new princess sleeping bag.
RevDad is reading.
And I'm ready to sleep, perchance to dream. Of baby elephants, daffodils, and pink princesses dancing in the rain...

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