Thursday, April 03, 2008

Daisy Dreams

I've been doing some flower dreamin' these days...

These past few days have been warm, giving us hope that spring may actually arrive. Lil' Princess pulled out her bike today and we tootled around the neighborhood. Much fun, but she has outgrown her bike and bike helmet since last fall. Have to plan a shopping trip sometime before the warm weather truly arrives!
As we've played in the back yard these past days, I've been eying different possible planting spots, checking out soil types, and imagining in my mind's eye how the vegetable garden could be laid out. Such lovely dreams! It takes years to build up a garden, the soil is unfamiliar to me, plants need to be drought resistant around here, and I am a complete novice, but NonTheLess, it will be fun to dig in this spring!
So here's to daisies, petunias, tomatoes, and other wonderful gifts of the earth.

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