Monday, January 14, 2008


Lent. It's hard to focus on Epiphany and really get into the spirit of "the light shining" when breathing down our necks is...Lent. So close.




Aah, yes, Lent. I recognize it by the smell of pastorly anxiety and anticipation in the air.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas From the Eyes of the Children

At the largest of the three churches in the parish, the Christmas Sunday school program was on Dec. 23rd during worship. The little lady in blue on the right is Lil' Princess, playing Mary. The youngest girl and the youngest boy get to be Mary and Joseph, and did she ever take her job seriously! In case you were wondering, the white blobs in front of the manger are sheep. Poor things were pretty abused by the end, the older boys enjoyed using them as projectiles and pummeling objects.
The boy on the far right is a bit of a cut-up, and decided to wring all the dramatic potential out of being one of the wise men. When they brought their gifts to the manger, he did a full face-on-the-floor bow, and paid some serious homage to the Christ child. It made me giggle!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Montana Adventures Come to an End...For Now!

We're safely home after a lovely visit with the relatives. This was one of those warm fuzzy times of life, and I look forward to whenever we get to repeat the experience. That said, it will feel so good to sleep in our own bed tonight!!!

We got home around 5 pm. Unloaded. Cooked supper. Wrote some dates in my new 2008 calendar (yikes!). Gave Lil' Princess a bath, snack, bedtime stories and a big kiss.

And then it was right back into the parish to-do list. Sigh. The most pressing thing at this moment (and the reason I'm blogging and procrastinating) is my Annual Report. Due ASAP. So I guess I should just stop dithering and get it done. Then maybe I can clear my mind and start getting some thoughts for Sunday's sermon.

"We three kings of Orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar..." The Gospel of Matthew is so very Jewish-orientated, it's interesting that this is the one that tells us the story of these three Gentiles from far away who show up, make trouble with their questions to Herod, and then skedaddle out the back way after delivering some unique baby shower gifts. Huh?!? We'll see what rabbit hole this one leads me down.