Saturday, April 05, 2008

Walking and Pondering

We don't know why the two disciples were walking to Emmaus. We don't know why Jesus had appeared to other disciples previously, but not yet to these two. But we have this gem, in the Gospel of Luke's telling of the Walk to Emmaus. I'm still not entirely certain what I shall say about it in tomorrow's sermon, though thoughts are percolating. But I am grateful for this fascinating and layered encounter with the risen Jesus.
As these two unknown disciples chat with Jesus on the road, not knowing who he is, Christ asks them questions, wants to hear their story. Then he "opens the Scriptures" to them, explaining how God meant Messiah-ship to truly work. When they stop for a meal, it is in the breaking of the bread that he allows himself to be revealed to them. After he disappears, they rush back to the others in Jerusalem to tell what they have seen. There is so much here to savor!
I think what catches me the most right now is all the movement. They are on the go, constantly moving or doing in this account, it is so Active. I think I want to make this sense of movement and energy a centerpiece to my message tomorrow. Being a disciple & believing in the risen Christ transforms us, moves us, changes us, takes us new places, sends us. The words Christian and apathy do not belong in the same sentence!
In the first lesson for tommorow, from Acts, following Peter's Pentecost sermon 3000 people are added to the believers. Wouldn't it be incredible to experience such movement of the Spirit, and such active professing of faith? Quite intimidating too! I think sometime we forget that God is still active, and calling us to action too.
I think the Walk to Emmaus can all be a metaphor for our walk of faith as well. Christ encounters us, gives us what we need, reveals himself to us, and would send us to share the news too. But we don't always recognize him, and we need him to walk with us all the way.
Well, time to finish packing, and settle in for the night. Tomorrow will come quickly enough!

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