Friday, May 02, 2008

Working on Ascension Sermon

Time to GET SERIOUS about Sunday's sermon.

RevDad is focusing on the theme of Jesus' actions shining glory on God, and how we continue to do this beautiful work after his Ascension. This is a part of our calling as disciples. His sermon is still a work in progress, but that's the direction he's taking.

I'm still fixed on the thought of what Jesus' Ascension means for us. Why do we need to care? What does it mean to us? I've been thinking - Jesus' Ascension allows us (us as the body of Christ), invites us, pushes us, requires us to step out. Jesus is not confined to one place and time, and neither is the church. We're not just about getting together and drinking coffee once a week. We're about living in the kingdom, showing God's glory, and speaking the Gospel. The Ascension reminds us of the Bigger Picture, pulls us out of our complascency, and says that something amazing is happening around and through us. And it also gets us ready for Pentecost.

Not sure how to preach it. With Lil' Princess' b-day party tomorrow, there won't be much time to work on it. Holy Spirit, grant me inspiration!

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