Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pentecost Sermon Notes

Children's Sermon: Fire Kite

I have a kite that is decorated with bright red flames. I'm going to use this to talk to the children about how the Holy Spirit is visualized as wind, and flame, as Holy force moving. We don't see the Spirit, but see its effects. We're VERY well acquainted with wind out here, so I think the imagery will work for them. I'm going to swoosh the kite above and around them, perch it on a few of their heads, keep it unexpected and random.

Sermon Thoughts:

Faith as a verb. The Action aspect of our life of discipleship (last week I talked about the "waiting on the Lord" aspect of discipleship). Holy Spirit giving us what is needed for the tasks God gives. Trusting in that, stepping out of the room, and flowing with the Spirit's leading.

Need to develop more here, sermon hasn't gone far. We tend to undervalue or ignore the Holy Spirit, so trying to think about how to make it more discernable/understandable. Emphasize the importance of the work of the Spirit!

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