Saturday, May 03, 2008

Blessing of Sunday School Teachers

Below is a very simple blessing I wrote for this year's closing of Sunday school and blessing & thanks of Sunday school teachers. We're going to call the teachers forward where the kids will all be waiting, and the smaller children are all going to take a line of the litany (it's a small Sunday school). Then the kids will present the teachers with gifts and hugs. This all will take place before the Prayers of the People, so the theme can continue into the time of prayer.

Leader: Today we bring our year of Sunday school to a close.

Child: We give thanks for our teachers,

Child: who spent their time with us,

Child: who taught us stories from the Bible

Child: and about the great love of Jesus.

Child: God loves you.

Child: And so do we!

Leader: We thank God for the blessings of this Sunday school year and for the people who answered God’s call to teach. Let’s show our thanks with a round of applause!

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