Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great Commission Thoughts

Just got done with the baccalaureate service, which ended up being quite nice. I was nervous about preaching, since I've been sick today, and I'm new in the area. I ended up going the humorous route for the sermon, keeping the message simple, and the images memorable. They liked it. And I'm glad it's done!

There were a couple of typos in the bulletin, as often can happen. The one that really caught my attention was the punctuation on the last sentence in the statement of faith - "God asks each of us to proclaim Jesus as the Messiah, as the Savior of the world?" It made me think - Like, do we really mean this? Are we sure? Are we committed to this? As we send these kids out into the world, do they get this? Or is the message they've gotten been, "be a nice person" and the rest is just background noise? As we consider the Great Commission for our Gospel text this Sunday, I wonder if we feel much intensity about sharing the hope and faith that is within us to the world.

Or are we too busy doing what we want, when we want, and seeing & using God as another source of our personal preferance fulfillment.

I don't want this all to become a rant about our selfishness, I just think that periodically we need to be reminded that talking the talk and walking the walk are not the same thing, and BOTH need to happen.

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