Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quilted Splendour

One is solid white and red/white plaid blocks. The other has large floral blocks edged with small blocks, in yellows greens and whites.

They were created by the faithful quilting women of the largest of the three churches in my parish. They put together over 100 quilts this year, and made 13 to be put in the annual silent auction, with the money raised going towards Bible camp ministry. The bidding for a few was quite lively, with some good-natured ribbing among the ladies. The bidding ended at 11:15 am this morning, and I actually managed to win these two. I didn't TRY to get the REAlly popular ones, I am no where close to being in the same league with some of these ladies when it comes to competitive auctions!!!

Our two new lovely quilts will keep us snuggly as the cold winds continue to blow this week, and will brighten up our home too. Quilting ladies rock!

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