Friday, May 16, 2008

Sad Day

A sweet, sweet lady from my congregation died today. She lost her balance in front of a store in town yesterday around 3:30 pm, and landed on the back of her head. Skull fracture led to swelling, pressure, blood clots, and around 6:30 pm today, death. It was so quick, and so shocking.

I had a message waiting for me when I got back from that hospital visit that an elderly member of another of my congregations is finally losing his battle with cancer. I will go tomorrow to give him his last communion, and plan his funeral with his family.

One death a shock, one long expected. Both families gathering, as I type, to grieve, support one another, and come to terms with the new reality.

I'm sad tonight, yet grateful that I and these congregations have something real and precious to offer these families in this hard time, and in the days to come. So come the morning, love and support and ministry will begin to flow, in the form of phone calls, hugs, hotdishes, brownies, etc. And I will be among them, speaking Christ's name and salvation. And giving hugs too.

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