Monday, May 12, 2008

Too Much in My Head

Headache day...arghgle!

So much to do, I hate how the pain slows me down and clouds my thinking.

Tonight we have the high school band and choir concert to go to, which I would like to ENJOY rather than ENDURE.

On the bright side (and I will find one, out of sheer desperation if necessary) before the advent of head-crushing pain we had a lovely lunch together today in a nearby town, since RevDad needed to pick up his prescription. Lil' Princess used some of her birthday money to buy two princess books. I got to look around a nice gift-type shop I had never been in before. I'm glad we had that little slice of lovely time today.

The Things That Are On My Mind:
1. I need to call my dear friend back in Madtown and apologize PROFUSELY for losing my mind and missing her birthday.
2. I need to fill out and mail some forms ASAP.
3. I need to get ahold of all the confirmation parents and the heads of the Sons of Norway group to reschedule ditch cleaning for next week, since this week will be too cold and wet. (how awesome that it is TOO WET!!!!! to clean ditches!)
4. I need to plan a lock-in for the confirmation students, God please help me.
5. I need to write a baccalaureate (sp?) speech for this Wednesday.
6. I need to rethink worship for the last Sunday in May, since the pianist at one of my churches will be gone.
7. I need to start thinking about confirmation worship service and Centennial worship service.
8. Sermon. 'nuff said.
9. I need to very soon find out what options there are for Lil' Princess for summer rec in our area.
10. I need to figure out how to get some quality time with my hubby. Soon!
11. I need to get together with the students who will be getting confirmed this year and go through their faith statements with them.
12. I need to go to the doctor and find out why I have had this cough for two weeks that has been taking my voice away.

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