Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sweet Birthday Girl

Today my darling Lil' Princess turned 5!!!

The big event for the day was going to the nearest big shopping town so that Lil' P could pick out her Big Girl Bike. It was a big deal! I had a "whoa" moment as I held her steady on the bike as she tried it out in the store. It's such a big bike, I thought. How can I have a child big enough for this bike?

Today she declared that since she is now a big girl, she is going to get dressed totally on her own, pour her own juice, and a variety of other independant declarations. We have been working and working to get her to this point with these things, so its Great to hear her saying these things.


My little girl!
So growing in tall...
My baby is gone. This mama is quietly mourning that fact even as I celebrate the girl that is vibrantly emerging and dancing through our lives.

Happy 5th Birthday, my miracle baby. Mommy loves you!

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