Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Down to the Top Four

OK, I admit my addiction.
I feel that much of so-called "Reality" television is the pond scum of the broadcasting world.
BUT...I am a devoted follower of Top Chef. From the very beginning! (I was totally thrilled with who won in season 1, but the last two season, my favorites have gotten close but haven't won.) Tonight's episode in Season 4 has brought us down to the final four. Now come the finals in Puerto Rico! I'm pumped!
I have no idea how this addiction came to be. I'm a poor cook, and know very little about gourmet cooking, but I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about it, and watching the challenges. The personalities, the chef skills, the kinds of foods I've never heard of before, the food arranged artistically on the plates, the terms I can't pronounce...I love it!
And maybe (just maybe) it will inspire me to learn how to cook more interesting meals than tacos, baked chicken, or cheesy noodle hotdish.
I can hope.

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