Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Great Escape

Project Runway - Episode 3

Let the controversy begin! I DO NOT agree with the judges' decision on tonight's episode, and I am sure the blogs are absolutely buzzing tonight with peoples' opinions and disagreements about it. The designers were sent around New York with cameras to take pictures of things that inspired them. They had to choose one picture, and design an going-out-on-the-town outfit inspired from the picture. Some of the pictures were amazing, and showed some pretty good photography skills, actually. It was interesting to see what they found inspiring - graffiti, clocks, tiles, grating, lights of traffic, etc.

The winning designer created a dress from some absolutely hideous fabric, mainly teal with magenta in the pattern. And sticking out from one hip was this bubble of magenta tulle. It made the model look lop-sided, and silly. The outfit I was rooting for had beautiful gray and black graceful petal layers on the skirt, and a black top that was very elegant and fit perfectly with the skirt.

The loser designed an asymetrical black dress with some Carmen Miranda fruity colored ruffles that ran across the breasts and down the front. I was a bit surprised that they auf'd her over the designer who created an outfit that is the definition of boring and matronly, but since they were both bad, either could go in my opinion.

Well, there's my escape for the week. Swirls of fabric, a whole lotta personalities, and a string of outfits that I would never wear!

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