Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The day has has finally come! Not THE DAY when Christ returns in glory, of course. But the day when Project Runway Season 5 begins!!!

I have been a faithful watcher from the very beginning, my first guilty pleasure in reality television. And I was sooooo pleased that for the first challenge, they brought back the grocery store shopping trip from the first season. Just imagine, the materials for you to construct your outfit have to be bought from a grocery store! I was disappointed that most of the designers just bought table clothes and modified them...not very original. Only two of them actually used food items, which is a bummer, cause that's the fun part!
But nonetheless, I enjoyed the episode, and am ready for another fun-filled season. I can already tell that a couple of the designers are going to drive me crazy, and that a few of them are going to be a blast.

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