Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting Caught Up

Halleluiah! I'm connected!

The past few days our internet service has been spotty and difficult, and I've been unable to access Blogger. I think I started going through serious withdrawal!!

Our excitement from this weekend was going to a rodeo - and we're talkin' the REAL thing. Never saw so many spurs, giant belt buckles and cowboy hats in my life. Lil' Princess and I enjoyed it while RevDad had to help his youth run the concession stand. They sold funnel cakes, and oh, Yum! Hot oil fried, powdered sugar covered heaven!

There were a few tough moments at the rodeo, one of which we did witness. While we were there, they were herding a bronc back into the corral after a bronc riding event, and it ran full speed straight into a metal fence. It was knocked unconscious, and died later. It was tough to see it happen, I'm glad Lil' P was looking away at the moment. Later on, after we left, a cowboy got gored by a steer. Glad we missed that.

Yesterday's sermon went really well, I'm pleased to say. I used a dead potted petunia (one that had died before I had gotten it planted) and talked about God's extragent grace and about how we are to grow and bloom in faith. The dead petunia was a good visual for what our other option is for our faith if we resist growth. What was great about it, was that they were actually open to hearing about how we can encourage others in their growth of faith. Usually they tune out when I start talking about sharing our faith, but something about this Sunday's Gospel, and the growth/seed imagery connected with them. Yay!

Today was get-serious-about-cleaning day. Now that we're going to be around home for a while, its time to take care of all those jobs that we've been avoiding. So today I took on our bedroom, while Lil' P played Cinderella around me (I got to be the Grand Duke. When she switched to Cinderella II, I got to be one of the ladies-in-waiting. Lucky me!). I've come to the conclusion I should clean under the bed more often. I sneezed for a good minute after sweeping under there!

Now I'm enjoying internet computer heaven while Lil' P and RevDad watch WonderPets. Aahhh. For the moment, life is good.

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