Sunday, August 03, 2008

On all things Vehicular

We are in the middle of the great vehicle debate.

The good old family van needs to be replaced, because it gets terrible gas mileage, and it's starting to show warning signs that age is catching up with it.

So here's the debate, condensed;

Me: Gas prices aren't going to get any better, so our priority needs to be something that gets great gas mileage, but is roomy enough that we're all comfortable riding in it.

Hubby: I still want something that has plenty of room for us to haul things when we go on trips, or do one of our big restocking shopping trips. We'll miss having the room to be able to haul stuff and fit in extra people. Plus it would be nice to be able to have towing capability, if we're going with a smaller vehicle than the van. If we need to haul something larger, then we could hook up one of my dad's small trailers to it.

So what should our compromise be? Any suggestions???

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