Monday, July 21, 2008

A Diagnosis, and a Great Jacket

The diagnosis from the doctor for Lil' Princess' alarming spreading rash: Fifth Disease.

It's a relief that it's just a mild rash illness which apparantly is a common childhood illness now (I don't remember it from my childhood). It should clear up in about a week. We've been enjoying good health for a while now, so it took us by surprise when this nasty rash started showing up. Now that she's going to public school this fall, we really should get ready for just about every bug and germ there is. Yuck!

Such a day. RevDad and Lil' P got some bonding time today with the doctor visit and hanging out this afternoon while I went shopping with my Revfriend from down the road. She needed to do a major supply run, but her vehicle has become unreliable, so I drove and got to have a fun day with my friend. Herbergers has a 70% sale on right now, and I found the sweetest little jacket. It looks great, fits great, and I got one in black and one in a gray pattern for a total of $25!!!

All in all, it was a good day. I'm grateful.

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