Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sermon for Sunday, July 6th

Sermon outline for tomorrow (thus far):
+Image of building a sandcastle - have an image in our minds of how we want it to look. Work hard on it, try to make it just how we want it, but sand dries out and crumbles, waves come in and wash it away.
+good image for Paul's words in Romans. I know the good, but I don't do it. We have the vision for how God wants us to be, have the best intentions, but we go out into our day, and we slip up, and slip up, and slip up. We are caught in the shackles of sin.
+BUT we don't need to despair. The gift of grace is ours from our living God. In our Matthew text, Jesus offers us peace and rest. We give his our shackles of sin, and in return we share in his yoke of life, righteousness, and Christian freedom.

Still need a conclusion, and to fully flush out my main thoughts. But it's coming together.

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