Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Reality TV Binge

Wednesday is turning into my big TV night. First Project Runway, then Shear Genius. I think I dig these because they are all about creative people trying to excell in their talents. With some personality clash-drama thrown in!

Project Runway - the designers had to use "green" fabrics chosen by their models, to create cocktail dresses specifically for their models. It was tough for them, since their models (who don't know any better) chose fabrics that didn't go together, or not enough yardige of fabrics, or the exact same fabrics as other models. Some rose well to the challenge. Others, definately not so much. No strong personalities have emerged yet...but its still early yet!

Shear Genius - A very moving episode. For the big challenge, they had to style wigs for women who have alopecia (sp?). A couple of them really connected and felt for these women, and threw themselves whole-heartedly into it. It became less about a self-focused competition and more about helping some women who have suffered. My big frustration is that one of the stylists is constantly among the worst, places the blame on everyone else, and has yet again squeeked by and not been eliminated. Urgh!

Sigh. Now to wait a whole another week for the next episodes. How will I manage it??

Oh yeh, I have a ton of ministry work to do. And house work to do. And Barbie/princess games to play.

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