Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wind-blown Day

How the wind blows, so strong in its flight.
The flower pots are frail victims to its force.
I'm glad for strong walls, strong arms around me.
The wind speaks as night draws its dusky blanket.
We fall asleep to its lonely call.

It was a good day at VBS, though the children weren't able to play outside due to the strong winds, and intermittant rain. They are excited about tomorrow's program, and chose their favorite songs with enthusiasm. Even my group of older kids were pleased to choose the song that just they will sing, and got into practicing the skit that they will be performing along with the 3rd and 4th graders. Tomorrow should be a hoot and a half!

This evening I traveled to one of the nearby towns (nearby out here means it takes 30 minutes to get there) to make a visit at a nursing home. One of my members is dying, a woman in her 90's. She was awake and alert, but struggled to be able to talk. We had a good visit none-the-less. She has been a delight to get to know these past months, and she still has some of that sparkle, even as life slips away. The doctor doesn't expect her to live more than a few more days, so we'll be having her funeral next week probably.

When I got home, I got the last details for the funeral this coming Saturday. It's going to be a long one, with family speaking, lots of special music, and three congregational hymns. I keep praying the wind will blow me some inspiration to speak to this hurting family in a way that can help with some healing.

Now to sleep. Tomorrow is another impossibly full day, that I'm not ready for.

Sweet dreams.

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