Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weather Wishes

Watching the news footage of the flooding in the Midwest makes your stomach sink. So many homes and businesses destroyed, and so many more communities are endangered. And there's little that can be done.

The irony in this is that out here, we're actually getting a little moisture, and celebrating that fact. After years of drought, the world is green around us, at least for now. BUT not that many miles away from us, they have received alot less moisture, and are browning quickly.

There's just no telling, I guess.

This weekend are some big festivities in town, so we're all hoping for clear skies. There will be a parade on Saturday, and since the congregation I serve in this town is celebrating a big anniversary this weekend too, I suggested to my leadership we should have some sort of entry in the parade. So they have a committee working on it. (I have a sneaking suspicion that I will end up either driving or riding on this float, so I'm hoping especially for no rain!)

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