Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Day Comes to an End

The setting sun is making the bricks of the church glow a warm yellowish orange, as if they are reflecting the warm rays. It has been a day full of bright colors and warm sunshine, only the second day thus far that really feels like summer.

RevDad has enjoyed his Father's from Lil' Princess and I, a key chain that says "World's Greatest Dad" and a cake that she and I baked for him. His afternoon appointment got cancelled, so he has been able to be home enjoying time with Lil' P. Some folks at the church found a baby owl between the church and parsonage, so our neighbor is trying to nurse it. Lil' P is entranced with it, and insisted he come and see it, after they had a nice long walk.

I'm relaxing to Masterpiece Theatre, "A Room With a View." It has just the perfect mix for relaxing as far as I'm concerned - humor, romance, earlier century English literature and the assurance of a happy ending after suffering. Aahhh, I can feel the stress of the day fading away.

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