Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Good, Full Weekend


Settling my posterior into the couch feels so good! The big centennial weekend is OVER!

Everything went smoothly yesterday for the town's celebration, we had huge crowds for everything, and I think everyone is really relieved that it's over. The parade was a hoot! We had 97 entries in it, everything from floats, to tractors, to classic cars, to a horse and buggy. The golf cart we rode in was actually decorated very well, and we had a blast riding in it. Lil' Princess and I shoveled out a lot of suckers and bubblegum for the hundreds of spectators while RevDad mastered driving the cart. We had one scarey moment, a little girl, maybe 2, ran straight out in front of us to grab some candy. We screeched to a stop at the same time as the girl's mom grabbed her. Yikes!

I got to quick run to my church 30 miles away for a committal service, then scoot back to town just in time to go to the variety show. There were some wonderful acts, but they packed three hundred people in an un-airconditioned gym on a hot day. We just couldn't last through the whole thing! So Lil' Princess got more time in the big air inflated jumper games (it was cooler standing in the glare of the sun, than in the gym!)

Today was the church's big celebration. I found myself quite nervous about it, more than I expected I'd be. 250 to 300 people showed up for the service, we really packed them in. The Bishop spoke, and two visiting pastors helped us with communion. (It was frustrating, we sent letters to all these former pastors, only four let us know they couldn't come, and the two who did come never contacted me. I didn't even know they were here, until one of my parishioners told me this morning that she'd seen them on Saturday. I sent her to ask them to assist with communion when they arrived, since I didn't know what they looked like.) I preached a short sermon after doing a children's sermon. The children's sermon was the best, it was great to have such a big group of kids! They really got into the book I read them, and you could tell that all the adults were just entranced by the whole experience. We had some absolutely gorgeous special music by the son-in-law of a member.

This evening I had the family prayers service for the family of an elderly lady who died this week. Tomorrow morning will be the funeral, and then Lil' Princess and I will head out to my parents place for a rest time. I'm ready for it!

It was a much anticipated weekend by many, and a good one. And I'm grateful that it has drawn to a close. Bring on the vacation!

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