Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig

Official Post-Vacation Tally:
-oddly shaped sunburn on my upper shoulders.
-scattering of mosquito bites (only a couple on Lil' Princess, thank heavens)
-small bag of laundry (yay for vacationing at Mom and Dad's place!)
-large credit card bill, mostly for gas
-6 books read
-bug splattered windshield to be cleaned and many bags to be unpacked
-content family, happy to be home and together again. And a pretty relaxed momma.

It was a good week at Lake Woebegone, my home town. Hung out with my big bros, and sis-in-law while they were around. Played with nephews. Teased my parents. Ate some REAL cookin' for a change (don't moms rule!). Played in the lake. Read. Took pictures. Talked. Tickled. One of the highlights mostly for the male contingent was the fishing. My dad delighted in taking the guys out, my nephews couldn't get enough of it!

Have to share one of the funny/fun afternoons. My big bro took my other bro, my sis-in-law, two nephews, Lil' Princess and me all out in the boat. (WAYYYYY too many people for one fishing boat, let me tell you, especially when there are a five and six year old involved). We went a fishin'. It was funny! My sis-in-law had fished the day before, and it had been YEARS since I'd fished, so she took it upon herself to teach my girl. It was cute!
Here the two of them are discussing the finer points of not dropping the rod in the water:
Yes, that's my girly girl in the Dora hat and the Disney princess life jacket. After a while she and her six year old cousin got sick of waiting around for fish to nibble and thought it would be way more fun to pull reeds out of the lake to see how long they were and what slimey things might be on them.
So here are the two aqua explorers:
A big highlight of the week for me was surprising a classmate of mine from seminary. She serves a parish not far from where my parents live, and I saw in the local paper that she was having a kind of "chat with the Pastor" get together on Friday at the local coffee shop. So I showed up and shocked her socks off! No congregation members showed up, so we spent 3 hours getting caught up. It was lovely, and exactly what I needed. I hadn't really felt relaxed or rejuvenated until after that morning. What a joy to reconnect, and find out how other classmates are doing after all this time!
Unfortunately, RevDad was not able to come with us, he had to work. While we were away, he got food poisoning, and spent most of his time horribly sick. His chest aches and he's talking in a whisper because of the hard and heavy vomiting he had to do. So instead of getting a break from us and getting a little manly mini-vacation, he was sicker than a dog, and looks like a truck ran him over.
Isn't that just life, though? Never what you expect it to be. Tomorrow comes quickly, and I have a huge to-do list awaiting for work and around the house. Lil' Princess begins swimming lessons. The time at the lake will quickly become a distant memory. But, ohh, what a pleasant one! One that we treasure.

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