Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday is Our Sabbath

It's been a lovely day off. Went to the 60th birthday party of my pastor-friend down the road this morning, and ended up spending several hours chatting and having lunch with her. Haven't done that in ages! Did a quick bit of shopping to find a birthday present for RevDad, and then back home to hang out with Lil' Princess while RevDad takes a nap. We're watching cartoons and giggling on the couch, and snuggling all we want. It feels so good to actually RELAX. I think it is only after Easter Sunday that the feeling of joyous new life comes for many in ministry. Today is Monday, but it really is our family's Sabbath.

Tonight I have to go to an annual meeting for one of the church supported hospitals (delegates from all the Lutheran churches plus pastors are expected to attend). Not the most fun way to spend the evening, but it will give me the chance to meet more people from the area.

I'm still working on what to do for my weekend off. I'd like to go see friends where we used to live, but I'm not excited about the l-o-n-g drive. I'd like to truly be able to relax and have fun, not spend most of my time driving this weekend. So still pondering my options.

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