Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Coffee Shop Morning

I'm sitting in the nearest local coffee shop, laptop open, cruising the internet, typing away, big mug of something hot at my side. Yeh, I'm so cool. I've joined the latest century! I'm just how many years behind on this technology?

RevDad quite suddenly and dramatically got sick yesterday afternoon, so this morning I got to drive Lil' Princess in to school. There's no point in adding so many miles to the van, so I'm not going home. I'm staying in town until it's time to pick her up. So here I am with my brand-spanking new spiffy laptop being so cool at the coffee shop.

I've got a Maundy Thursday sermon to write, so I've been cruising the Biblical commentary sites, looking for inspiration. I have a few ideas. One site had a nice breakdown of the main points of the Gospel lesson (John 13:1-17, 31b-35), and pointed out that it has to do with living in relationship with Christ, which means living in community, which means living in service to others. We'll see where this leads. I need to get it done soon so that I can move on to the Easter Sunday sermon. Ah, Holy Week. A pastor's joy and terror all at the same time.

Hopefully hubby will be OK, and can make it through Holy Week. He's feeling REALLY exhausted and dizzy. I'm wondering if his blood pressure is going wonky again. It did that a few months ago, due to stress. So now I need to get him to the clinic ASAP, whether he wants to go or not. I'm very grateful that I'm feeling so good right now, so I can take care of him and our little girl.

Grind, whirr, grind.
Dark roast coffee smells fill the air.
Old friends tell stories, laugh, sip.
The earnest typer eavesdrops.
And smiles.

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