Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed!

It's been a good and long Holy Week, and I'm grateful that it's the evening of Easter Sunday. The schedule was grueling for hubby and me today, and we're both ready to just...sleep. Not think, not be "on", not be theological or even all that coherent. Just unconscious. So as soon as our lovely little one gets with the program and decides play time is over and it's time to sleep, we're join her in sweet dreams.

I think the best moment today happened at the last service, at the church that normally has absolutely NO children attending. Today we had a whole passel of them, with all the visiting families, so I got to do a children's sermon. They were mostly little ones, and so sweet, and so excited to come up and be a part of the service. The butterfly activity I had for them went over well, and you could tell they were enchanted by the whole thing. As I gazed over the mostly elderly faces of my regular attendees, you could tell they were enchanted too. It was good for them to have these young ones among them, and it fit well with my theme of "Signs of Life." Everyone was just beaming through the whole service, and as they left. Including me, even with the complete exhaustion dogging my steps!

I'm off this next weekend, so now I can shift focus to planning a little trip to visit friends in the town where we last lived. Aahh. Now that's something to look forward to in the morning!

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