Monday, October 20, 2008

Unexpected Time

Sooo...the plans were set for this weekend, of taking youth to the Lutheran Youth Organization gathering, leave Thursday early, get back Saturday late. Getting the bulletin done early, and making the copies by Wednesday since my secretary will be gone, and can't do it. Getting my sermon prepped and ready before I go. Hubby's dad arriving today to help out watching Lil' Princess while I'm gone. We're set. We're ready. I'm pumped!

And now I find out we're not going, 'cause sometimes stuff happens. There's no room in the inn for us.


Now what?

I'm bummed, 'cause it was going to be great for these youth to go to this, and I was looking forward to it too, and connecting with other youth worker type people. But I'm also OK with it, 'cause it makes the weekend a lot less stressful.

But it raises for me an important question. Maybe not so fascinating for you, but hey, this is my internal dialoge put to blog, so there. The question is - what do I do now with this unexpected extra time? This little un-looked for section of time in my life that is no longer scheduled away? After spending some fleeting and precious time with my family this weekend, I am reluctant to throw these gifts of time away. So what to do?

I could organize my office and files, which is long overdue, and would make ministry more efficient. I could put in some extra visitation time, which would be greatly welcomed. I could plan All Saints, Christ the King, Advent and Christmas services (they come faster than you'd think). Or I could read one of the theological books I've been meaning to get to, as I'm short on continuing education time.


I could go fun shopping in the only big shopping town in this part of our state, several hours drive away. I could drive seven hours one way to visit friends. I could rake leaves into a big pile and jump in them with my daughter, then go in and drink hot chocolate when we get cold. I could try out a new cookie recipe. I could take a l-o-n-g lovely nap. Oooh, this list could go on and on! this one of those times when there is a little devil on one shoulder, and a little angel on the other? Whispering, "Listen to me!" "No, listen to me!"

As a good Lutheran, I embrace paradox in theology and life. Therefore, why not Both/And??? A little work, a little play, and poof! It will be Monday before you know it, and the long weekend will be over. It is nice to have Lil' P home for a few days straight, with a break from school. I want time with her, and I also want time just for myself, along with getting work done.

So. Therefore. This week (besides the bulletins and sermon) I am going to:
1. work on organizing my office (is that noise I hear the sound of my Mother celebrating?!?!?)
2. make a couple of extra visits.
3. go shopping in smaller shopping town only an hour's drive away.
4. play in the leaves and do other fun autumn things with my girl.

There's the plan. We'll see how close reality comes to words on an electronic page.

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