Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dramatic Skies

Whenever a storm moves in, the skies get quite dramatic out here. You can see for many miles, so you watch the movement of almost an entire storm cell in some cases. This also means that the sunsets can be quite spectacular too. Lil' Princess and I were driving home from running errands one day, and there it was, a small dark cloud with a line of rain coming down. I though it was pretty with the sun setting behind it. Of course the picture doesn't capture it at its best, but it was lovely.

This weekend the forecast says snow, for Friday through Sunday. I'm in bit of denial about that. Especially since I have a confirmation retreat Friday night, and I was hoping to do some outdoor games. I don't know if I'm constitutionally ready for snow. Falling leaves, yes. Cooling temperatures, yes. Light jackets, yes. Snow? Not so much.

Not that we have a choice.

Say, I could probably get a sermon out of that...

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