Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday's Advent Moment

The picture is of my husband, myself, our daughter, my husbands parents, his sister and her husband & her three children after my hubby's ordination service this summer.

It's been over 3 months now since my husband was ordained, and it has been a joy to watch him embrace this new life. He's already got some great stories to tell!

We were driving back from the pancake supper and auction fundraiser at one of my churches tonight, and talking about the ups and downs of our Sunday, when I was suddenly struck with such a sense of joy and gratitude. We have FINALLY reached this place in our lives. We've waited so many years, and gone through so much, and now we've taken this great next step together. Thanks be to God, who has been faithful, even when we've been tempted to give up hope.

My Advent moment today was the sweet savoring of hopes fulfilled, and the excitement of new dreams opening up.

And then we got home, our daughter was really tired & whiney, my darling husband got all snarly, I'm exhausted, and in a weak moment I would have traded them both in for a week's cruise to the Bahamas.

Ah, well. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may!

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