Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Giggle and a Full Day

A former parishioner of mine passed this on to me. For some reason it hit me just right today, and gave me the giggles.

We had council at one of the churches in the parish tonight. I'm SO pleased that they voted to go ahead with the elevator project! Now it will go before the congregation at the annual meeting. The basement of this church can only be accessed by some very steep steps, and this is definately an ageing bunch, so the need is great. Just today, we had the Christmas Tea, and it was truly scarey to watch some of the elderly ladies make their way up and down those stairs. And some ladies who would have loved to come (and need a chance to get out and socialize) didn't because they didn't dare try get downstairs. So I'll be cheering on this project, which actually will be pretty affordable, since it's more like a lift instead of an enclosed elevator. The goal is to have the project done before the church's centennial in July. Oh, please, please, please!

The Christmas Tea was lovely. Lil' Princess got to come too, and charmed all those ladies by building tall towers with Lego's, pretending to make snow angels on the floor, and telling them that they were all mermaids who needed to watch out for the mean witch who was hiding by the Christmas tree. We had such scrumptious treats, and a nice program. The skit even entranced Lil' P, so it was a great afternoon. And all I had to do was show up! And eat! And chat and laugh! Gotta love it, empowered laity rocks!

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