Monday, December 17, 2007

Ready, Set, GO!

The insanity has begun. I had a death call at 2 am this morning, was at the parishioner's home till around 3:15 am. Daughter woke up with a 101 degree temp, so home sick from school. Was difficult and clingy all day. Had to get my Sunday bulletin AND my monster Christmas Eve bulletin done today, along with having early Christmas celebration with in-laws.

Tomorrow, meet with family to arrange funeral, attend text study, finish Christmas shopping.

Wednesday, go to daughter's school Christmas program. Do prep work for and lead confirmation class along with the special Christmas treat I promised them and have yet to come up with. Do prep work and lead Advent Bible study. Meet with Sunday school superintendent to iron out bulletin for Sunday School Christmas program for this Sunday.

Thursday, hopefully meet with family again to do final chat before funeral. Have parent/ teacher conference for daughter, have doctor appointment for me, have evening family prayer service at the church 30 miles away. Oh, and there is no school for daughter from today until the new year.

Friday, funeral in the morning at the community center. Sometime later that day, I will collapse for a good cry and nap, if at all possible. But it probably won't happen, cause something I have yet to foresee will come up.


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