Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunny Day

(photo from flik'r)

It was a beautiful day. We stayed outside for hours today when Lil' Princess got home from school, we washed my car, played with chalk and bubbles, checked out the progress of the flower bulbs, chatted with neighbors about gardening, and took a walk.


So very nice. Nice to have mild weather and a sunny day. At one point I sat in a camp chair and just soaked in the sun while reading a gardening magazine. Tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be even better, with temps getting into the 70's. I can't wait! Of course, then it's supposed to rain from Friday through Monday, but at least it isn't snow.

The concerns about flooding continue around the state. RevDad is supposed to go to a meeting and I have a class I'll be going to on Sunday, and both activities are in towns that are battling flooding right now. So we'll see if our Sunday goes as planned!