Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Hope of Spring

After a full-on rainy day, it looks like we'll have a sunny one today. I can hear the birds singing for all they're worth. The wind has gone from a hurricane-like force to a light breeze. I think spring in ND is a big tease! I need to go check my bulb garden. The few that had been coming up got pretty battered in the wind. Hopefully the rest will bloom still.

It's a busy week. I've got a member in the hospital, and several with family that are going through some health challenges right now. The confirmation kids need to get going on decorating their stoles, so I need to track done lots of colors of felt before tomorrow (and fabric glue). I'm supposed to be going to SD on Friday through early Sunday, and still need to arrange where I'll be staying. And I really should wrap the baby shower gift!

Today is text study, so I should get some snacks ready. Left-over birthday cake, anyone? Since RevDad has a funeral this morning with his fellow pastor, we'll be a small group. I don't preach this Sunday, but I'll still play hostess. I haven't really examined the texts, so I won't be a whole lot of help there! It's nice to hang out with my peers, though. It's nice to spend time with people who understand your experiences, and have their own stories to tell.

We got an early phone call this morning. RevDad got asked by my people to do the Memorial service message this year. I did it last year, and since I'm the only pastor serving and living in this community, I was worried that this would be my job every year. I'm glad to share! Though hubby is not sure what he's going to say, since last year I borrowed parts of his old Memorial service message. (he's such a generous, nice guy)

Time to get busy. A pretty normal Tuesday.

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