Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Five - Holy Week

From the RevGal blog;
Holy Week is almost upon us, I suspect that ordained or not, other revgal/pals calendars look a bit like mine, FULL, FULL, FULL........

Jesus was great at teaching us to take time out, even in that last week, right up to Maundy Thursday he withdrew, John's gospel tells us he hid! He hid not because he was afraid, but because he knew that he needed physical, mental and spiritual strength to get through...

So faced with a busy week:

1. What restores you physically?
A nap, a walk with my family, more napping!

2. What strengthens you emotionally/ mentally?
Prayer, talking with friends and family, reading good books, getting things accomplished.

3. What encourages you spiritually?
Interacting with my parishioners in positive ways, prayer time, meditating, reading devotions.

4. Share a favorite poem or piece of music from the coming week.
Holy week music is so stirring...from the heart-wrenching "Were You There" to the joy of "Jesus Christ is Risen Today." It runs the full gamut of emotion. I love it all!

5.There may be many services for you to attend/ lead over the next week, which one are you most looking forward to and why? If there aren't, do you have a favorite day in Holy week, if so which one is it?
At my former parish, I really looked forward to all the services - Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter Sunrise - because the members were really into them, and attendance was excellent. It was obviously so meaningful for the parish. Now its harder, because my current parish does not get into Holy Week. Easter Sunday yes, but the rest of Holy Week, no. It makes me a little sad and wistful. But I am looking forward to Easter, it's such a big full-on happy day.