Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Holy Wednesday

(image from flik'r)

It was a quiet day. The morning and early afternoon was spent dealing with a migraine. I'm hoping the headaches will run their course, and I'll be free of them for Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

This later afternoon, Lil' Princess and I went to the town RevDad works in, to run some errands, and have supper with Dad. He had a long, full day and evening, so it was nice to get some family time together.

When we got home, Lil' Princess rode her bike for the first time this spring as I walked. We went over to the home of one of the ladies of the parish so that Lil' P could apologize for her bad behavior yesterday. That went really well, and everybody felt good afterwards. The wind really came up, so it was a nippy trip back home.

Tonight I got Lil' P to bed, and then ran over to the church for a few minutes, to catch part of the council meeting. Fortunately Lil' P was perfectly happy to look at her books while I was gone - I HATE when we have a schedule crunch like that, but it worked out. I was able to report the flooding concerns for the parsonage, and the possible problems with the Holy Week services.

When I got home, I got to spend several hours trying to get a hold of the right people at the various churches to verify Holy Week services. The results of this phone tag are that we can have Maundy Thursday service as scheduled at the small church down the road - they finally were able to get somebody to come and plow out the parking area and road. The Good Friday service has to be moved to the largest church from the church in the country, because the roads are impassable to get to the small church. So I have to do some quick rearranging of details. Easter Sunday out in the country is up for grabs, we'll just have to wait and see.

And right now I'm going to review the Maundy Thursday service, and make sure I'm ready. Or maybe I'll just zone out to the TV until I'm ready to sleep. Which way to end Holy Wednesday?